Zoe Kahlert, born in 1990 in Munich Germany , grew up in a small village in the
north east of France.
Daughter of performing artists Ulik and Joanna Bassi, she discovered very early her interest for drawing, acrobatics and art in general, whilst travelling from festival to festival with her parents .
Her all round skills and physical training enabled her to work in different street theater projects all over europe, as often shown in her pictures .
Zoe, who sometimes goes under the name of Zoya Bandita Bassi, finished her
french schooling in 2008, then moved to Berlin and began studying sculpture at the
university of Arts Weissensee.
Additionally she has worked for the performance artist Angie Hiesl in Cologne, the
sculptor Wolfgang Flad in Berlin,photographer Daniel Wetzel and the sculptor
Michael Sailstorfer.

She is currently part of the Boiler room tv Berlin production team.

As part of her ongoing search to combine different forms of Art, she is
focussing on video art, photography and continuing her studies in Berlin.